Do they care? Hell no!

Do they care? Hell no! That's the final and only answer for the up and coming rock/rap band Askmeificare that continues to rock venues in the Jacksonville area and beyond, building a fan base of people who like real music. The band consists of three guys, Joe, J Lee and Raw. One bass guitarist, one drummer and one vocalist, owning any stage as if they were twice as large. "It's all about the intensity" said one fan that was so pumped after Askmeificare opened for Unwritten Law that the fan was deemed “Hulk Smash" by the band. Visually, Askmeificare is as real as it gets. Each member has their own style that has not changed to conform or in order to stand out. Raw with unkempt dreads and gold teeth, can easily be spotted in anything from suit and tie to military garb. As the general of an army of fans, it’s rightfully so to dress the part. J Lee is known for showing off sleeves of tattoos and his ass. Literally. By the end of a show J Lee is down to his boxers behind the trap set. Joe is a no nonsense tatted up hardcore kickass guitarist turned bassist. He is the founder of the grimy distorted rhythmic chords that give AMIIC their distinct sound. The inability to “give a fuck” or maybe the ability to strategically place a “middle finger up” has earned the band a reputation and notoriety in public. They have been escorted from the front steps of a city hall, confronted by the police about an impromptu sidewalk performance during a music festival and caught filming their most recent video on the monorail in their hometown. The police were less than pleased and after catching the train car they were in told them the next stop was their “last stop”. The video is for the single “Allupindaclub” and is tagged on YouTube as ROCK BAND SNEAKS ON TRAIN AND PERFORMS
  Askmeificare's sound is best described  as ”Dense, charged and heavy like punk rock syrup pouring from your speakers and melting your ears like butter” quoted from an interview found in Folio Weekly,  Jacksonville’s largest alt-weekly” happenings” publication.  The band identifies with experimental rock/nu metal falling in tow with Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Hed PE, and Rage Against the Machine. Their first album titled “Middle Fingers Up” is 21 track smorgasbord of varied subject matter anthems. A crowd favorite “Rawmantic” is Raw rapping over a baseline and drums, sort of like a jazz soloist. His spiel is of the things that are romantic to any rock band “69, doggy style, reverse cowgirl yeah I like it wild” The idea is to express whatever they want about relationships, religion, going out and having a good time, whatever the topic, while still connecting with the listener.” So We Fight” and “Bully” are both examples of that freedom of subject matter and listener connection. “So We Fight” is hellfire lyrical rant on politics, inequality and media corruption that guarantees a riled up fight in the mosh pit. “Bully” is a bass driven reflection on the bullies that can appear in your life and learning to stand up to them.  The chorus climaxes each verse with a roaring, metal shredding bass riff and Raw screaming, “Fuck fear! I aint gonna run from you…been running all my life but today I’m through.” It is a triumphant, resolute message of hope and encouragement for anyone who has seen a roadblock or two in life in any form.  The messages are real, the sound is filled with emotion and energy, and the product is far from mainstream.
                The fans are what inspire the group and certainly what drive the movement. Yell “Middle fingers up” or even hashtag #MFU on any social media avenue where Askmeificaricans (Askmeificare diehard fans) are and there will be a guaranteed response of “Cause we don’t give a fuck” or # CWDGAF as the faithful followers are all in, all the time. So much so, that the band purchased and renovated a school bus to use on the statewide “Middle Fingers Up” Tour with several bands from around the state, bringing all the Askmeificaricans that could fit on the bus affectionately named “Las Vegas”. This monumental project is a phenomenal example of what the band does care about. The fans have become a family with the universal goal of unity and forward movement. The big black bus is the biggest symbolic reminder to us all of days as kids when lifelong bonds were formed on school buses and what mattered most was your friends and family. The full article was featured in The Florida Times Union, the local newspaper. Askmeificare’s accolades include:  a top ten spot for the 2012 Battle of the Bands their first year, Big Ticket and Rockville (two major local festivals) two years running, a regional tour and a set and feature on HED PE’s “Hell Raiser” at the Juggalo Gathering (a festival like none other).  The success has been made in part by an active street team that helps with community and social media presence, loyal fans and the group’s own hard work and spectacular music. Askmeificare is building an army,” So We Fight” is the march and” Middle Fingers Up” is the battle cry. Askmeificarica is what they’re fighting for, a unified nation under music.

Askmeificare's no genre based sound has an array of influences. Raw's older brother immersed him in various types of music from some artists like NWA, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, all the music of the Motown era and a plethora of other artists. Within the music itself, they cover a variety of subjects using some rap, some singing, and even some mellow, acoustic feeling sounds.The idea is to express whatever they want to about relationships, religion, going out and having a good time, whatever the topic, while still connecting with the listener. S.L.U.T. is an example of that freedom of subject matter. S.L.U.T. stands for Sexy Lil Undercover Throwaway and describes a taboo relationship with a girl who "does things that most girls don't wanna do". An audio clip can be found on the Facebook page captioned with "Everyone loves a slut".

The messages are real, the sound is energetic and the product is far from mainstream. With a top ten spot for the 2012 Battle of the Bands their first year, a killer Big Ticket concert series performance and a goal of making great music people can feel, their fanbase is sure to grow as rapidly as their success. Askmeificare is bringing back good music by doing whatever, whenever, however. Don't like it? Refer to the name.


Who or what band has inspired u the most?
    My older brother and sisters inspired my diverse taste in oldest sis was into punkrock my brother was into hiphop and other sister was in love with pop music.

Where & when was your favorite show performed & why?
    Any show that we as a band organize and throw because we know an love the opening acts and the people who come are there mainly see us not some big name band.

What is your favorite song to perform & why?
    Every week it changes but this week its probably "wiped out" .the energy the crowd gives me I feed off an the moshing the song induces gives me a high no drug can match.
I was born in the slums of Philadelphia a love child born from an affair by my married mother named me after a journalist who later became a political prisoner for allegedly killing a mom and her husband reconciled and I became a military brat traveling all over the world.ive been the only blk kid at schools to being at schools where there was no white kids.ive done a lil of everything in my lifetime some I regret and somethings im proud has always been my escape and ive always loved all music . Before joining Askmeificare I was a successful local artist in jax. pop/rnb sensation tpain mother was my manager and we toured from new york to the height of my career with several labels taking interest I quit rap...I didn't like where I was musically or mentally..I went on a soul search for 4 brought me back full circle and with a different mindframe I set out to form a band.And that band became Askmeificare!!!!!